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Finally - Someone Who Understands Why You Are In Business.

At Furnari Scher LLP all of our partners and key employees are not only business organization lawyers, but entrepreneurs and business owners as well. That’s why we believe our role is to help you seize opportunities and transact business, not curtail your options.

Our business approach to law is why we have taken a special interest in emerging, start-up and growth companies; their investors; broker-dealers; investment advisors and investment funds. In short, people who make things happen.

It is also why we have organized our practice around this simple pledge of service:

  • We will not waste your money;
  • We will not waste your time;
  • We will add real value to your business;
  • We will earn your referrals with superior service and our groundbreaking Pledge to You.

That may seem unusual for a law firm. But approaching law as a service business has earned the trust and respect of our valued clients who rely on us to help their ventures grow.

Contact us today and let our unique approach as business organization lawyers contribute to your success.

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