The following comments are from our clients. The original (and complete) letters, faxes and emails from which these comments were taken are on file in our office.

As you will see, these clients are entrepreneurs with businesses in very different areas, and they vary from start-ups to more established enterprises.

Some clients asked us to withhold their last name because hundreds of entrepreneurs continue to ask them for information about our firm. While these clients appreciate the work we have done for them, as evidenced by their letters, it's not fair to expect them to field dozens of inquiries each month.

Those clients who have generously allowed publication of their last name are still entitled to their privacy, and so we ask that you not contact them. The service we provide obviously works for them or they wouldn't have written these letters in the first place. We display their comments to help you get a better sense of the feelings they have for our firm. Should you require specific references you would like to contact, please direct your inquiry to us so we can rotate those we give out, in hopes of spreading out the number of inquiries.


We hired Furnari Scher to help us with a private securities sale to several institutional buyers. The deal had to be closed on a very tight timeline and with five sets of lawyers between the buyers, sellers and other interested parties, it didn't look promising.

Steve Furnari acted on our behalf to help us balance the needs of all parties involved, coordinated all lawyer comments and deliverables and, most importantly, helped us cut through the typical "big law firm nonsense" to get the deal closed on time.

Furnari Scher was an invaluable recourse for us, and we look forward to having them help us get through the next two tranches of this deal.

Principal of New York-based
Broker Dealer


“We had a very difficult time finding an attorney who was willing to give us the time and dedication that our business needed. After meeting with Stephen we knew that he was the lawyer we wanted for our company. The advice and help he has given us has extended far beyond just legal issues and we look forward to continuing working with him as our business grows. We recommend Mr. Furnari to any entrepreneur who is serious about making his or her business a true success.”

Alex Kushnir, CEO
& Elie Donath, Pres.
EDAK, Inc.

(Fine Art and Art Investment)


“Starting an innovative new business is hard enough, but finding the right legal team to make your business a success is a critical challenge. The attorneys at Furnari Scher LLP went the extra mile to help us complete development on our novel platform, and made sure we did it right the first time.More importantly, they were ready to work within our budget and cost constraints. Furnari Scher LLP made the critical difference at our earliest stage, and set the tone for our success.”

Dan Backer, Founder and COO
E/X Media LLP

(Mr. Backer is a strategic operations specialist
in the finance industry who has sought start-up
capital for an innovative company, E/X Media LLP)


“We decided to retain Stephen Furnari's firm because he is responsive and is sensitive to the needs of entrepreneurs. We were very satisfied with his handling of both corporate and personal matters he handled for us. His dedication to exemplary service is obvious. As principals in the fashion industry, it is important for us to have an attorney who is astute with legalities that pertain both to us as a designer talent and as a business.”

b. michael, Founder
b. michael

(Couture Fashion Designers)


“Stephen, I just wanted to say thanks for spending time yesterday going over my contracts with me, as well as listening to my frustrations. I think that your personal approach adds great value to what you do.”

Steve L.,
Chief Technology Officer

(Marketing and Technology Consulting)



“I first met Stephen Furnari when he hosted a workshop sponsored by the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I was impressed with Steve's knowledge of corporate law and his ability to communicate that information. He made sure all questions were answered frankly and thoroughly.

This is my first experience owning my own business and found Steve to be a reliable source of information when I had questions and he helped resolve issues I hadn't thought of. Steve handled our corporate organization project in a timely and professional manner.

I was impressed with the way Steve has handled the services he has performed and would not hesitate to recommend him. I looking forward to maintaining a working relationship with Steve as my business grows.”

William A. MacIntosh
NIA Distributors, Inc.

(ATM Leasing, Service and Repair)


“As the owner of an emerging pharmaceutical consulting firm, I was in need of sound legal advice on creating the proper business structure in anticipation of future growth. Stephen Furnari of Furnari Scher LLP listened attentively to my needs and provided me with the guidance I was seeking to make the right business decision. As a new client, I feel that Furnari Scher LLP offers prompt, courteous and professional legal counseling on a broad range of corporate issues for reasonable fees.”

Robert S. Milanese, President
RSM Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

(Pharmaceutical Consulting)


“My employer asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement that conflicted with a business I am also involved with. Eric Scher helped me get the changes I needed in the agreement without jeopardizing my relationship with my employer. It was a delicate negotiation that Eric handled expertly.”

Wil C.
Software Developer

New York, NY


“Surround yourself with the best people you can find…” is sound advice that I hear often as an entrepreneur. But where do I find these great people? How do I know who they are? Do I even have the time to search, interview and qualify them?

As we began to immerse ourselves in the start-up phase of our company, we needed the help of a great many professionals – among them, a commercial real estate broker, a designer/architect, a CPA and a publicist. We wanted to work with the best, but it didn’t make sense for us to hire the biggest commercial real estate broker in NYC or employ the services of the most famous designer/architect in Manhattan or retain one of the large accounting firms as our CPA; that would easy. We wanted to work with the best – the best professionals that appreciated and best matched our specific needs. Once again, where do we find these people and who can we place our confidence with? I often found myself wishing that I had a trusted friend/colleague that I can rely on to get the right referrals.

Furnari Scher LLP and specifically, Stephen Furnari is our legal counsel and has been this “trusted friend/colleague” for our company. In addition to providing us with Stephen’s expert legal knowledge and accomplished practice in corporate and securities law, he and his firm have been instrumental in our developing productive and confident relationships with dependable outside professionals. The referrals to professionals we received from Furnari Scher LLP have worked very well for us and have saved us a great deal of time and the risks involved in hiring the wrong professionals."

Michael Wang, Founder, President & CEO
Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Inc.

(Fast, Casual Asian Restaurants)

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