joint venture financing and investors, New York

Helping clients become attractive for investors and joint venture partners.

joint venture financing and investors, New York


And that's just our clientele!

joint venture financing and investors, New YorkOur clients work with us because like them, we recognize they must seek out and exploit opportunities. Our role is to not only respond with timely, focused support to advance the transactions they pursue, but to assist them in locating joint venture financing and investors to make even more deals possible.

That’s why we are the New York City attorneys known for helping businesses grow and why many clients prefer to have us on monthly retainer. It matters to our clients that we have considerable experience in working with private entrepreneurs and growth-oriented companies during their transition from small, closely-held enterprises to large, publicly-held entities. Our track record demonstrates an ability to assist clients in raising the additional capital required for growth and acquisition strategies. In other instances we help clients negotiate favorable compensation for the sweat-equity they have invested in their enterprise.

Negotiating on behalf of our clients requires a different set of skills than those of a hardcore litigator. In the litigation game, it’s all about winning and losing. When negotiating business deals, it’s more about building consensus around what is fair and equitable. In corporate transactions, the parties are generally moving towards the same goal – closing the deal. A good corporate lawyer must be able to advocate on behalf of the client while maintaining rapport with the other parties at the table – those people who will likely work together after the negotiations are over. It’s a delicate process.

An intimate understanding of your business is equally important, allowing us to counsel our clients from a business strategy viewpoint as well as just legal perspective. Because what good is a well-structured deal if it doesn’t contribute to the achievement of your goals?

To succeed in the long run, entrepreneurs need focused business and legal advice from incorporation through initial public offering, merger, acquisition and beyond. Our client’s overall long-term interests are often best served through retained legal services because we concentrate on general corporate counseling including:

  • Early stage financing
  • Public offerings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology transactions
  • Employment
  • Executive compensation
  • Tax issues

As a client’s business grows and matures, we protect their interests and resolve their legal and business challenges. It’s no wonder we view our clients as long-term business partners and most importantly as friends. Learn more about when monthly retained services might be right for your business.

Whether you are simply looking for an LLC startup attorney, beginning to explore raising capital privately, or planning transition strategies, call us today and learn how we can help you successfully pursue your goals.

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