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LLC startup attorney, New YorkAt Furnari Scher we look beyond the immediate horizon to assist in preparing you for long-term success. Our approach is to understand your business completely, so we provide advice you can rely on to steer your company through startup, growth stages, and beyond. Even if you only have a vision of what your company or product will be, we can assist in choosing the ideal structure based on your goals and tax requirements.

Selecting Your Business Entity Can Save Time and Money
Avoid wasting time and money when organizing your business entity by drawing from our experience and knowledge. For example, few business owners realize that in most states, it is far more costly for a single owner to organize as an LLC as compared to a corporation. As New York LLC startup attorneys, we help clients choose the most cost-effective business entity that will serve their immediate and long-term needs.

Choosing The Appropriate State For Filing
Should you organize in New York, Delaware or Nevada? We help clients organize their business in the jurisdiction that makes the most sense for them. Organize your business in the wrong jurisdiction and you will likely be paying more money than necessary to start your business.

Founding Agreements To Avoid Costly Disputes
Want a sure-fire way to blow apart your business? Go into business with the wrong partners and unclear roles and responsibilities. We help clients identify and articulate their understandings in a clear written agreement. Hopefully you will never have to rely on the agreement, but if things go bad, the cost of retaining a litigation attorney to clean up the mess can be 10 - 20 times more expensive than constructing a good agreement from the beginning.

Agreements between partners and founding stockholders can include:

  • Operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Stockholder agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

Protection of Assets With Proper Corporate Records
The primary reason for incorporating your business is to protect your personal assets from liabilities relating to the business. Maintaining good corporate records is essential to upholding the corporate veil that prevents business creditors from gaining access to your personal assets. One value-added role we play is to facilitate organizational and annual board and stockholder meetings to elect officers and directors, insuring your business entity remains in force. Ask about our Corporate Organizer designed specifically for this purpose.

Negotiate the Compensation You Deserve
Employees and consultants can protect their rights and obtain beneficial compensation and employment terms that they never even considered possible, given the right guidance. Clients benefit from our experience as we negotiate and draft:

  • Employment agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Stock option plans
  • Fair and reasonable employment contracts to protect the employer’s business

Corporate Governance – The “Deal Killer” for Investors
If you plan to do any kind of transaction that involves bankers, brokers, angels, VCs, institutional investors or a person of any level of financial sophistication, disorganized and stale corporate records can stall - or even kill - a deal.
When you are in the midst of pursuing a deal is no time to worry about bringing your corporate governance and other records up to date. We keep you current and organized, ensuring a seamless transition into a deal. Ask about our Corporate Organizer designed specifically for this purpose.

LLC startup attorney, New YorkOperating Contracts – Protection While You Conduct Business
We anticipate the unknowns of running your business by preparing agreements for every type of transaction you may need to enter into. Whether it’s a supplier, customer, or joint venture partner, we make sure your interests are protected without being an obstructionist to your business operations.

Business Plan Reviews for Experienced Guidance
As business owners ourselves, we know about most aspects of running a business. We help clients through their business planning and systems preparation stages, and provide a unique perspective to this process, adding value to this vital phase in their business.

A Network of Outside Advisors to Serve Your Every Need
Finding trusted professionals is difficult and time consuming. With insight into hundreds of companies and transactions, we have developed contacts throughout the business community. We make finding resources easy by maintaining a wide network of pre-screened contacts who will add value to your business.

To learn more about how Furnari Scher can help you establish, grow and profit from your company, read our thoughts for raising capital privately or planning transition strategies. Call us today and explore how we can help you successfully pursue your goals.

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