Protect Your Assetts with Proper Corporate Records

The primary reason for incorporating your business is to protect your personal assets from liabilities relating to the business. Maintaining good corporate records is essential to upholding the corporate veil that prevents business creditors from gaining access to your personal assets. One value-added role we play is to help you meet all the legal formalities required to keep your corporate status in good standing.

Our Corporate Organizer makes compliance with corporate law easy. We take care of these corporate formalities so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

This quarterly service provides all of the following:

  1. Bi-Monthly Review and Update. Once every two months, we will interview you in a brief telephone call to go over your business. These calls usually take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time, but ensure all material business actions you have taken, or are going to take, are fully compliant with your company’s bylaws or operating agreement, and have been ratified by your board of directors. These actions may include purchasing property, bringing on investors or securing a loan.
  2. Directors and Shareholder Meeting Minutes. We will prepare from your meeting notes formal minutes of meetings of the board of directors, or shareholders, or prepare actions taken by written consent (instead of a meeting).
  3. Annual Shareholder Meetings. Annual shareholder meetings are required by law. We make the process easy for you. We will notify you when it is appropriate to hold an annual meeting of shareholders to elect directors and vote on other issues, and we will provide you with a notice of annual meeting and a meeting script if a meeting is to be held.
  4. Annual and Biennial Government Filings. We will prepare and file your annual and biennial statements required by law (failure to file can result in a $250 fine).
  5. Stock Certificates and Stock Register. We will make sure your stock certificates are prepared properly, and your log of stockholders is maintained accurately, which will save you time and confusion as your business grows.

SPECIAL BONUS (a $525 Value)

Included in the Corporate Organizer, you will receive 1 FREE partner-hour and 1 FREE associate-hour of legal time to be used HOWEVER YOU WANT!! Call us about a problem with a client, use the time to have a contract with a consultant reviewed, just call and not worry about being “on the clock”!! Incidentally, by having a dialogue with us on a regular basis, you will make fewer Deadly Legal Mistakes that can cost you thousands to fix! Make as many calls, or have as many legal services performed--ON US--until this time is used up.

All of this is provided at the low price of $395 per quarter. Don’t delay - contact us to begin using this service today!


The Corporate Maintenance Package may be cancelled at any time. On cancellation, we will immediately refund to you the unused portion of your subscription, no questions asked.

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