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Nervous about the never-ending hourly legal fees on your legal project? Want to budget legal expenses more effectively? Nearly every service we perform can be done on a flat fee basis. See our menu of services*:


($1,450 in New York)

Why the $99 incorporation services at legal self-help websites (like LegalZoom) will cost you far more in the long run. Click here.

At the beginning of the engagement, for about one hour, you will meet at our office with one of our lawyers. At this meeting, we talk with you about the plans and goals you have for your business, and which corporate entity will serve your immediate and long-term needs.

Afterwards, we will help you:

  • coordinate the filing of organizational documents with government officials
  • obtain a tax identification number with the IRS and file your S-Corp election forms (if you need them)
  • elect officers and directors and help you satisfy initial meeting requirements
  • draft your initial set of board and shareholder minutes and bylaws (or single-member LLC operating agreement)
  • purchase and organize your corporate book and seal

LLC Operating
and Partnership

$2,500 to

This is the most important contract for a business with more than one person. At the beginning of the engagement, for about one hour, you will meet at our office (or by phone) with one of our lawyers and we will go over your ideas of your professional relationship with your business partner(s). We will then give you a copy of our Business Partners Questionnaire for you and your partner to complete to determine in writing how your professional relationship will work. We will then meet a second time to discuss any additional questions you may have. Based on the results of the Business Partners Questionnaire, we will draft an Operating Agreement, or Partnership Agreement for you. Once you review the draft, we will meet one last time to go over the draft, and then sign the agreement.


$18,000 to

We will prepare for you all the documents you will require to commence, execute and close a private placement of securities. Services include:

  • draft private placement memorandum (PPM)
  • draft subscription agreement and investor questionnaire
  • perform due diligence review
  • review documents produced and coordinate comments with client and third parties
  • make "blue sky" filings
  • coordinate investor subscriptions
  • manage offering escrow account
  • coordinate closings

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