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Raise Investment Capital Like
the Pros

6-Part Digital Audio Mini-Course

Looking for investment capital to grow your business? Discover the secrets successful business owners use to raise more investment capital, faster and with greater success. Learn more about our 6-part streaming digital audio course.

Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes
and Save Thousands

7-Session Mini e-Course

Business owners make common legal mistakes that can be very costly to resolve, or can derail their businesses.Discover how to minimize the risks that are within your control, and avoid conflicts that can land you in litigation, or worse, and save thousands on legal fees! Learn more about our 7-part mini e-course.

With Valuation

60 Minute Interview with Valuation Expert Michael Pellegrino

Valuation is part art and part science. The decisions you make today about valuation can affect the funding your company may quailify for in the future. Listed to this 60-minute interview Stephen Furnari conducted with valuation expert Michael Pellegrino for valuation tips and strategies.

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